TOP DRAWER with Kelsey Weller

At Standard Drawers we believe leading a simplified lifestyle allows us to focus on what’s truly important. Our blog TOP DRAWER connects readers with valuable information for better quality of life. Our interview series focuses on inspirational women around the world. Here we talk to them about their morning routines and the daily staples they rely on.

Today we’re talking with Los Angeles biodynamic farmer and model Kelsey Weller about her inspirations, morning rituals and life in an enchanted forest.

My name is Kelsey Weller and I live in the Los Angeles National Forest outside the city. I'm a biodynamic farmer and part time model. I don’t define myself by my jobs, but rather see them as a means to support my hobbies and actual life. That being said, the two things I currently do for money are fulfilling and interesting.

I’m an avid reader — I love historical fiction, memoirs, science fiction, and science related books. I just finished The Mind-Gut Connection by Dr. Emeran Mayer, which was incredible (I follow his work closely). I highly suggest that anyone who wants to learn more about the gut read it. I also just completed I Contain Multitudes: The Microbes Within Us and a Grander View of Life Book by Ed Yong.


My family is a huge influence on my life. My mother, who has been obsessed with holistic health my entire life (as well as her life) is my warrior. She has helped every step of the way to introduce me to amazing naturopaths, nutritionists, acupuncturists, and anything wellness related to help me with my health issues all while being impeccably dressed. She strictly wears pants or pant suits — and is stylistically somewhere between Sigourney Weaver in Working Girl meets Diane Keaton in Baby Boom (if she wore pants). She is multidimensional and fascinating.

Another huge influence in my life is my sister. She is incredibly smart, artistic, and innovative. She is an avid reader and someone I can communicate with without even speaking. She is also so intelligent and constantly is learning new skills and evolving.


I wake up at 5:15/5:30 every morning (naturally — I can’t sleep in), and my dogs will crawl into bed once they see me sit up. We all just lie on top of each other and spend a few minutes together. I’ve been trying to not grab my phone the second I wake up, but hate to admit I do check my email while I lay in bed (not every morning though!). I feed my dogs, drink Sonner’s Detoxificant product and water with diluted apple cider vinegar, make breakfast, and take an insane amount of vitamins and a liquid probiotic called Restore. My husband typically is doing his own thing, but I do love making him breakfast. I think I have control issues when it comes to the kitchen (just to be completely honest). I typically stretch while I’m making breakfast. I occasionally have tea, but I don’t drink much caffeine - mostly just room temperature water.

I only wash my hair once a week and use a shampoo/conditioner that is natural and made with sea kelp and algae (unscented). I use Sea Kind soap (I should note that my mom bought me the Sea Kind products — haha I sound like a rep for them! But my mother typically finds really great natural products and gives them to me — she spoils me!). When I get out of the shower I put on black seed oil on my entire body and face. I will also put some in my hair, but I can over do it and end up with oily hair for a few days.

The last thing I do before leaving is brush my teeth, put on a day cream, and a fragrance (I love woodsy/smokey scents and was gifted an amazing scent by @olear_scents). If it’s the weekend I typically hangout in lingerie most of the morning, and roam the house and garden with my husband listening to music. I love teddies, bralettes, and silk tap shorts. My routines are overall very basic — I don’t wear makeup unless I’m going out at night. I recently started using some of Cleo Cosmetics products, which I really like, but once again that’s typically only if I’m going out to dinner.


I don’t think much about what I throw on — I essentially have created a uniform for myself (for work) so I just put on a button down and some well tailored pants and usually a t-shirt or a nice blouse. I like to keep it simple. I typically wear a necklace my dad made in the 70s and gave to me as a child. It’s a buffalo nickel with cut outs. I’m pretty obsessed with my Beatrice Valenzuela slides, as well as the shoes I bought in Morocco. I also love a good bra -- I really like the support. I’ve been wearing my Standard Drawers bra every day recently. It’s so comfortable and provides support without an underwire which is a dream (it also stays in place — sometimes wireless bras end up riding up on me or just don’t do the right thing).


When it comes to exercise, I want my life to by physical — and try to make it part of daily activities. I work in the garden, shovel a lot (we are terracing our yard), I hike almost everyday, and try to go to yoga as much as possible. I recently cracked my patella and tore a ligament so that really changed my relationship with my body. I used to do SO much physical activity, but I’ve spent the last four weeks in bed reading everyday. It’s been nice taking a break. I started meditating more and napping a lot more. I think everyone should nap — I try to everyday at least for thirty minutes. I also go to acupuncture every week, and swear by it.


I don’t have a go-to breakfast or meal. I try to make something new every time I eat just so I don’t get bored. I love cooking so it creates a nice challenge. Of course, I end up using some of the same types of vegetables but I will try to use different spices or methods of cooking. My husband and I don’t eat out often. Maybe one every few weeks. We try to eat everything at home. I will speak for myself and say it’s because I really care where my produce comes from, as well as how my grains are prepared. I always soak my grains for 16- 24 hours, and I really care about the soil that my vegetables are grown in. It makes a huge difference. I also have celiac disease so it can be tricky eating out and cross contamination.

My husband is really into biodynamic gardening, so we also grow food as well. I typically eat three meals a day with no snacks in between. I have issues with my period/hormones and my doctor recommended that I try to maintain that just because it helps my hormones stabilise. I guess my greatest life lesson has been doing everything in moderation. I have to take my health more seriously than most due to my over active immune system, but I try my best to never beat myself up if I slip up on a few things. I’m a firm believer in taking care of my organs though. I don’t drink, and I try to take herbs and a live a life that supports my innards.


My night time routine is fairly quick. I take magnesium, herbs my acupuncturist gave me, and usually trace mineral drops in my water. Brush my teeth, use my tongue scrapper, and I put on a night cream if I can remember (I’m using the brand Sea Kind currently). My husband and I don’t own a TV, we typically listen to podcasts like This American Life, RadioLab, or a TrueCrime podcast — we listen to a lot of Ethiopian/African 1970s jazz/funk/soul music too. We often read out loud to each other, usually about permaculture. I go to bed around 9 or 9:30 — I really love sleeping — I try to write in my journal every night, and typically lie in bed with my husband talking until I pass out. He stays up much later!

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